Tingg FAQs

How do I make money as a Tingg agent?

When you register on Tingg you make money from doing daily transactions.

How can I fund my Tingg account?

You can easily fund your Tingg account through any of these ways
1. Bank Transfer.
You can fund your Tingg account from your bank account. Simply follow the steps below:
Step 1: Login to Tingg
Step 2: Select fund wallet
Step 3: Enter Amount
Step 4: Click on Bank
Step 5: Select the bank you want to use
Step 6: You will get a USSD prompt to enter your Pin on your phone
Step 7: Enter your Pin and Ok

2. Transfers from your Bank App
You can fund your Tingg wallet via internet banking or bank mobile app by transferring fund from your bank account directly to your Tingg account.
You only have to select Cellulant as the bank and use your Tingg account number as the account number.
Kindly remove the first 0 on your Ting number to make it a 10 digit number eg 7000000000

3. Debit Card
You can fund your Tingg account using your naira Debit card Simply follow the steps below:
Step 1: Login to Tingg
Step 2: Select fund wallet
Step 3: Enter Amount
Step 4: Select Card Type
Step 5: Enter Card Number
Step 6: Enter Card Expiry Date
Step 7: Enter Security Number (CVV2)
Step 8: Click on PAY NOW

4. Over the Counter Deposit
Kindly visit any of the below Bank branch and request to fund your Tingg account using Cellulant Nigeria Limited as the Account Name.

Account name - Cellulant Nigeria ltd project account.
Account No. - 1130021161

Account Name: Cellulant Nigeria Limited
Account Number: 2024762591

For Instant Crediting: Pay to Wallet number as the account name and Wallet Number as account number kindly note that online transfers cannot be made to the account, only payment across the counter.
Send details of the transaction via SMS to any of our customer care numbers below.
08020772802, 08165622663

How do I get a point of sale (POS) as a Tingg Agent?

You can request and get POS in 3 easy steps
1. click on this link https://tingg.com.ng/agency-banking and fill the necessary details for CPOS request
2. You will be contacted immediately by our Customer Experience representative
3. Your order will be processed in 10 working days and will be delivered to you by your dedicated field officer. It is free!!

When I have an issue who do I talk to?

You can reach out to our customer service agents by calling 08020772802 or 08165622663.
We are available to be of service on Monday – Friday between the hours of 8am - 5pm.

How much does it cost to register as a Tingg agent?

Registering as a Tingg agent is absolutely free of charge.
We are always excited to welcome you into our community.

How do I increase my Transaction Limit?

You can increase your transaction limit by upgrading your KYC and providing us with the following details accordingly

What Is Micro-Pension?

This is a regular saving paid monthly by any self-employed individual during his/her course of employment for usage in their retirement age.

What Micro Pension Services Is Available On Tingg?

Tingg users can make micro pension payments on the app/site and via a Tingg Agent. To enable this, users must have registered their details with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) or use Tingg as a registration platform. New pensioners can register their micro pension account on Tingg while existing pensioners pay their pension on Tingg by providing necessary details.

What Is Required For Registration?

New pensioners must provide and upload these compulsory documents at the point of registration · Valid ID e.g., National Identity Number i.e. NIN, Bank Verification Number (BVN), etc. · Birth Certificate

What Is The Difference Between PFA/PFC?

Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) is a company licensed by the National Pension Commission to register and manage pensioner’s accounts while Pension Fund Custodians (PFCs) are responsible for investing the contributions.

How To Receive A Pension Payment?

Pensioners can claim payment on Tingg by following the steps below.
Step 1 - A pensioner can claim after 3 months of creating the micro pension account, but it is ONLY 40% of the savings that can be accessed
Step 2 – Pensioner MUST be above 50 years
Step 3 – Login to www.tingg.com.ng and sign in Fill up necessary details
Step 3 - Request for funds.
Kindly note that, To authorize withdrawals pensioners must have their PEN number and Mobile number.

Who Is Eligible To Request For Pension?

Pensioners may have access to their funds ONLY on two occasions
1. The said pensioners must be above the age of 50
2. The said Pensioner needs funds for a health situation

Who To Talk To When You Have Pension Payment/Remittance Issues?

For any Pension payment/remittance related issue or inquiry, Kindly contact your account manager or send a mail to [email protected] for immediate & prompt resolution.

Remita FAQs
What Remita payments can be done on Tingg?

ALL Remita payments are live on Tingg. You can perform both RRR & non- RRR Payments for Federal Tax, LAWMA, LASRRA, NIRS Levies, Tertiary institution Fees, Water bill, etc on Tingg now.

How can you make Remita Payments on Tingg?

Anyone can authenticate and make Remitta payments on Tingg. Simply log in to your tingg wallet and navigate to the ‘Other Payments’ section and choose ‘Pay Tax’ to select from a range of options what you’re paying for, fill in the payment details, and click 'pay' to confirm payment. You can also pay at any Tingg Agent point Nationwide.